Here’s what our customers have to say!


they are no words finally a streaming provider with no limits. this service truly allows you to the cut the cord at the same time with keeping all your network intact.”

Rino Feole

“Can't compliment the service enough. Support took the time to install and answer every question I could throw at him. Always a quick response to any questions I've had since and the quality of the product is just as great. Thanks Joe!!”

Tom Donahue

“Great service and customer service.the package provides all that you need and more for American premium channels. Most of lowers are cable bill. Picture quality excellent Nd exceeds quality.”

Gianna Lentini

“Great service got packages in mail hooked it up really easy and now Italian channels love it! Couldn't be happier and thank you Maria sigliccoli for being there to help me!!”

Antonio Pugliese

“Amazing service and the quality is amazing. Being able to watch Serie A games, Italian programs and Italian movies is just amazing and you can't get it anywhere else but from Iotievo Tv. Thank You Maria Sigliccoli”